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adolf hucker
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It's quite notable and strange how a lot of Emirates threads degenerate into a slanging match between captains and FOs. I'm not quite sure why it happens but I think it's symptomatic of an environment where some guys in the LHS start to believe in their own inherent superiority and are disappointed when their FO colleague doesn't appear to live up to the ideal standards which they believe they possess themselves.

There appears to be a certain smug arrogance displayed by some captains towards the junior colleague who just might one day save their ass should they have been wise enough not to alienate them from report time onwards. Whatever you think of that colleague, it's the one resource that's going to accompany you onto the flight deck and you might as well get the best out of them rather than dismiss them for failing to be exactly like you (or how you think you are, more to the point).

Then again, I don't think the company or national culture exactly values the characteristic of humility in those in leadership positions. Bit dangerous in aviation if you ask me and a situation which the whole system of CRM was designed to address. Nowadays, I'm lucky enough to work for an airline with an extremely flat hierarchy both in and out of the flight deck and where I have every confidence that all my colleagues on the flight will do as much to protect my ass as I will theirs. I still don't take it for granted even 4 years after leaving Emirates.
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