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Originally Posted by Above The Clouds View Post
hopefully his multi million pound/euro pension will be revoked.
That just show how little some knows about Ireland and the leader of Ryanair.
A missed pension is hardly going to bother a man who is, as close as make no difference, a billionaire and hovering around number 8 on the Sunday Times Irish rich list. He was one of the first in Ryanair to forego his final salary pension, years before he forced everyone else to follow suit. Besides, his pay is way below other comparable executives in similar scale positions.
His fortune was founded in the very early days when he negotiated a deal for a percentage of the profit with the Ryans. A deal that could not continue when Ryanair went public, and therefore was converted into a sizeable chunk of shares.
He is probably no longer in it for the money, but it does give him a powerbase and a platform where others reports/listens to/worries about his opinions and what he has to say. Maybe the time of enjoying that is coming to an end.
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