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Highwide if you think that's me getting personal you don't want to see me genuinely get personal! Just as I was starting to build a bit of respect towards you, you go and drop an inflammatory/derogatory post that requires an aggressive response.

Yes the statistics show movements and passengers are down, but my superiors at the airport are unconcerned (unconcerned is the wrong word, but I'm struggling to think up a more appropriate alternative right now) because they have identified the reasons and are actively addressing them. Furthermore, the team behind the movements website come across as unconcerned in their own report, and I trust all of these experts and professionals a damn sight more than I trust a post on PPRuNe!!

Movements will be up for August and September, I don't think anyone can doubt that. FBO handling agents can attract traffic, I recall Weston stealing business from both Manchester and Stansted before they became complacent and to repeat myself there has been growth in business aviation both including and excluding hunting movements since Consort took over
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