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Originally Posted by Seaman Staynes View Post
Ruserious - not got enough time to make yourself a cup at home if its that important!

I was talking more about the few guys / gals who saunter into the briefing room with a couple of minutes to go until its time to go to the bus, complaining about being picked up late yet still have a coffee in hand, obviously don't have any time for anything at home - dirty shoes, half ironed shirt etc etc! These guys and gals mostly continue with this laissez faire attitude during the flight most likely chair back, speaker on also trying to text their mates whilst you're not looking!!
You know what I mean!
I think these are the ones who are being targeted!
Duty doesn't start till -85. I'm not required to do anything until then, so i will go and get a coffee. If I make it to the room before -85 then you should consider yourself lucky!
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