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Med centre gave me a letter for my future GP, so that he can write to Disclosures at RAF Cranwell for full access to my military medical history.
Word of warning - my GP said he was happy to apply to the MOD for the docs on my behalf (provided I completed and signed the form first) and have them sent direct to the surgery......but he would charge me for the privilege. When I questioned why he said it was because the MOD would charge him as a 'third party' requester. There was no doubt a GP mark up on top of the MOD cost as well.

Not sure if he was being serious (or if this 'supposed' charge is legal by the MOD) or whether he was just too bone idle to submit the form himself.


I had that paperwork on clearing. To say it was a very brief overview would be an understatement. It had my jab records but nothing (as far as I can remember) about the pills issued/taken during the Gulf exploits various.
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