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Mine made interesting reading, my Sisters hubby was a practicing dentist and the station one was akin to a witch doctor and had caused me some severe pain in the past so i went private as it was free.. Come a due appointment I got a call from the witchdoctors hut requesting my visit to have some bones shaken over me... now this guy had taken to charging people for none appearance, so I duly attended, and when told to sit in the chair I refused to have him treat me after the pain I suffered under his care last time.... well i could feel the pins being stuck in the effigy of me, but I told him blunt I go private, I had been treated within the last month, pointed out a filling not on my docs and I did not want him messing around in my mouth and if he insisted I would resist, that went down like a lead balloon but I left unscathed.
. When they gave me my private and confidential docs as I was leaving the RAF sealed in an envelope I promptly opened them in the med centre to read them... the you cannot do that look I got was faultless. And true enough they were annotated that I get my dental work done privately.


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