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Tink ya got basic story right, Wolf.

Only reason I can see for an anti-sea tgt Tomahawk is the lack of Harpoons for the subs we now have. Tho, there seems to be a program to re-introduce Harpoons for the subs in 4 or 5 years.

The Tomahawk is more expensive than the Harpoon, and many more have been employed in actual combat. Suckers work!!! Maybe it's the price tag as many more Tomahawks could be cheaper than drastically improved Harpoons.

I cannot see how an anti-ship missile can be accurately targeted from 200 miles away. Doggone ships move at 20 knots or so, huh? The company claims the new guys can be re-targeted in-flight and even "hold" before the terminal phase. Sheeesh.

The later Harpoons are very capable, and are easy to employ from attack aircraft and even patrol planes.

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