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Deano969, your hypothetical CEO in the scenario you described may well deserve his bonus but I can't see any parallel to Alan Joyce.

In 2008 under Geoff Dixon Qantas made $970 million profit after tax. Alan took over as CEO in November 2008.

In 2017 Qantas made $853 million profit after tax. So profit has fallen under his leadership.

And how could we forget, in 2014 Qantas LOST $2.8 BILLION after tax. Under Alan's "leadership".

In 2007 Qantas was valued at over $11 Billion. The market capitalisation today is $9.88 Billion.

I can't see the value he has brought. I certainly can't see how you can justify a $25 million pay packet. To drive a profitable company into the ground, ask the government to bail you out and then bring it back to where it was when you first took over, is not my definition of masterful management. To use the 2014 share price as the benchmark to judge his 2017 pay should be criminal.
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