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I must admit I did wonder if the last few months figures were correct as July I think averaged 364 a flight which for a 360 seat service is pretty good.

Obviously the answer was in the aircraft that operated with several 428 seat two class versions operated.

August was not much different 43894 pax average 354 pax or 98% load factor based on the published seat-maps.

FR24 shows eight two class versions operated on EK25/27 giving a total seat availability of 45728 or 96% load factor.

I can't believe any airline would want that to continue as pax must be going elsewhere and simple answer would be to change to two 428 seat aircraft giving 53072 seats and that would give a load factor of 83%.

This of course would wipe out first class and maybe if that is selling reasonably well they could do what they do at Manchester and offer a mix with EK25 maybe operating with 428 seats and EK27 with 360.

I can't believe if these figures are correct an airline like Emirates would allow this to happen for too long.

Another alternative is as suggested and add the 517/519 seat three class A388 although this could come at a cost like at BHX (airport infrastructure).

What I am sure they will do is tread carefully before adding an early morning service as BHX could only fill the aircraft during school holiday and mid winter and I believe Rome, Munich, Milan at times found their early morning flight struggling (Milan now has the JFK tag).

Emirates are now twice daily at BHX and it appears Turkish are the early beneficiaries but in Glasgow's case that could mean more pax making the first part of their journey to EDI.

Very interesting to see how this one goes but if the 428 seater is out it surely will be the 388.
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