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I am sorry but my message does not want to help my cause, I have been discarded from the selection process anyway. I just want to express my dissent to these kind of selective procedures.

Each company obviously has preferences for its candidates (age, nationality, sex, flight experience etc.) but some of these characteristics can not be indicated to prefere candidates during the selection, because it would become discrimination.
Honestly I think that me and the others who have been rejected simply didn't corrispond to the real criteria they were looking for, but I know it's part of the game.

Having said that I would have preferred not to waste time from the beginning, but given that I applied, what annoy me is that I have to be excluded from a selection process with the questionable motivation that my cover letter was not well customized or that I have not responded well to the questions proposed in the application.

I am sorry but I can not believe that initially a company chooses pilots for their fleet, considering who write better a cover letter or who answers better some questions (without even being certain that they have been written by the candidate himself)

That's why I would have preferred to don't recived any explanation instead of feeling discriminated and fooled.
Sorry for being so strict but I really think that as applicants we deserve more respect.

Anyway I want to close here my outburst hoping that I was able to clarify my point of view.
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