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my two cents

Originally Posted by Stone Cold II View Post
I also echo the support for the Ryr pilots. MOL is finally on the back foot. He sounds like he's going to be his usual arrogant self and play hard ball. Problem is the ball is very much in the pilots court. At the end of the day it's an airline, MOL can leave and it will still run as an airline, without the pilots and cabin crew, you have no airline.

Guys and gals your time has finally come where you can get what you've so richly deserved for all those year of poor treatment. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. Good luck.
If Ryanair pilots (and cabin crew) fail to seize the momentum, if there is a momentum at all, they might have to prepare for the backfire of their actions.

Imagine the psychological impact of a management victory over the first ever collective industrial action across all bases by pilots and cabin crew. Then it will be the last of any action by employees for years, decades to come. A lot at stake here.

Something else to think about: what if the management decides to single out individual pilots and cabin crew who have been identified as partaking in any form of industrial action action (work to rule, calling sick, reporting late, operate slow or inefficient, etc...) and fire them, tell them their services are no longer required ? Call them one by one, news will spread like a wildfire.

Will their colleagues be strong enough and stand foot ? Strike and demand fired colleagues to be rehired unconditionally ? Is there such a momentum ? Are pilots and cabin crew that much ready as a group ? If not, there is a very predictable outcome to all of this.
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