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Dear Virtual Aviation an Titan airways,
I honestly found your automatic reply informing us about the exclusion from the selection very inappropriate.

I've applied to this job having all the necessery requirements. Furthermore, I am post-graduated at University with the highest marks, I got 95% of the theoretical ATPL exams, all first seat and I have excellent feedbacks from all the flight academies where I had my training and recently I also passed the difficult DLR test.
It's been years that I am trying to give the best of me and I a really feel disappointed to be disfigured from a selection without even having the chance to have a personal interview.

Your advices to how fill correctly an application are a joke.
Put yourself on the side of a low hour pilot sending hundreds of CV to different airlines searching for a job all around Europe! Do you really expect that for each job proposal an applicant should prepare a differet cover letter to each company as you suggest? Do you know how much time does it need to write a cover letter? And if you think that this is really feasible, why don't you provide personalized feedback for each applicant who has sent you an application??
It would be a good gesture of consistency!

You could have saved your time instead or writing such a reply.

We all know that the only reason to prefere some candidates instead of others is just your own business convenience. And let me tell you that this is not a selection, this is a discrimination.

I'm tired of being fooled, at least be honest with people and treat us with respect.

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