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Yes nsc you chose to be a dispatcher. Life is indeed about choices. You can make a choice right now if you like! Go on google and look up 'ame'. Pay this guy 300 quid and get a class one medical. If you pass that go to your bank manager and ask him for 150k straight up because you want to be a pilot.

Assuming he doesn't laugh his ass off you then go to a flight school (you will need to pay for your accommodation, family home, meals other debts etc) and start studying for you atpl exams. Assuming you pass them you will also need to pass your ppl, cpl and multi IR flight tests. And right about then you'll have to do another medical. Imagine your financial status if you fail?

So after all that's done you'll need your last 30k to actually pay an airline to allow you to work for them.

Life is all about choices.
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