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I think being in this industry has made you a bit cynical, the entire job market isn't rubbish. Sure, you can pay 100k to get a job in the left seat earning 40k, which if all goes well will be 100k one day. A kid I know has just landed a city job, straight out of Uni, earning 40k a year and she will work damn hard. But, she'll also get every weekend off, won't have to fight to see Xmas at home,won't suffer jetlag, will be treated with considerable respect (so long as she works hard) and has the potential to make a salary which would make a TRE wince. Her debt from Uni was 50k. This isn't that uncommon a story, the big names in London (and in the provinces) take on hundreds of folk like this every year. Why in the world would she want to be a pilot? This industry is a busted flush for the new guys, but there are plenty of opportunities out there for bright people.
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