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Originally Posted by Skornogr4phy
About the 200H cadets. When you get lied to by the promotional material fed out by the LoCo's and the respective trainin companies and start the course, what are you supposed to do? You expect people who are now 100k in debt to not sign up to those contracts and "take one for the team"? Hell no.

The whole thing is crap, but when you get taken in by a lie, who's fault is it? Is it the cadets fault for believing the lie, or CTC's fault for feeding the lie that puts them in a situation where they can't refuse the debt.

And for those who say, they should just do it the old fashioned way, try paying a mortgage nowadays on a junior flying instructors salary and see how well that goes.
Surely if you're spending that kind of money then anyone with half a brain should realise that you shouldn't take what the flight schools feed you as gospel. It's all about research, I'm sure a little Google search would throw up allsorts, including this forum. Targeted training is what it's all about and to be honest, you're right, how can you pay a mortgage on a flight instructor's salary? The point is you probably shouldn't have got that far in the first place if you did your research properly.
Also if it's a lie what CTC feed you then that's false advertising, they can be prosecuted for that, it's every bit the cadet's fault for just throwing money at them without researching it further to come up with an informed decision.
Starry eyed wannabes were throwing money at the flight schools in the middle of the deepest recession in living memory with little chance of a job at the end of it. You have to question the naivety. Is that the flight schools fault? Hell no.
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