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In my experience of EOLs in singles, both simulated (1,000s) and real (6+, depends if you want to count airborne restarts), the common factor is always lack of time, no matter what height the failure. Whilst I concur that for an EOL, Rrpm is king, for the auto, flying at min rate of descent speed and with the Rrpm drooped close to minima will buy a surprising amount of thinking time. In the Squirrel, from 1000ft, you could extend the procedure from 45-50 secs to over 70 secs. The time gain drops by about 10% (7 secs) with the engine shut down. So, worst case, you buy yourself about 25% minimum extra thinking/manoeuvring time.

It would be foolish to disagree with decades of collective hard-earned helicopter wisdom, but sometimes, learning from your own mistakes is pretty good too.

Idle Stop, as always, an excellent and well reasoned post.

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