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TC seems to have gone very quiet since having very strong views on my comment about autos without engine ( EOL) . See below ...

"Nihelh - there you go again egg on face in public talking rubbish, transmitting and then thinking about it afterwards.
You'll never learn will you (well not in all the years you persistently continue to make these silly naiive remarks on a public forum)."

Now it appears that many others here have the same view that there should NOT be a large increase in rod with engine off as against idle . ( I think we all agree there will be some difference due to hydraulic pump still being turned but not enough to put 20% onto RoD ). It now appears that his million EOL,s have been with engine on and not Off as he implied .
Does anyone else have any idea ?? Maybe a member could actually do both , one after the other , and compare ?!!
Ps . Hyd pump still works on 350 in auto I think ....but maybe I'm being naive ...
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