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About time O'Leary, smug as ever, had his come uppence! When you've got 400 737s, don't employ enough people and screw your existing staff into the ground, or should that be an early grave, then you deserve everything that comes your way! It's about time everyone involved with this industry's biggest bully started standing up to the most overbearing nasty piece of work we've seen for long time. Southwest don't do things this way! First rule of any successful business is to treat your staff well! Respect / loyalty surely count's for something? Well it did once upon a time. Maybe that was in some parallel universe somewhere? It certainly didn't spread as far as Dublin or Stansted! The sad fact is he is flying 400 737s with another couple of hundred on the way! If you'd said that was remotely possible 25 years ago, I think most folk on PPRuNe would have said:- "don't be silly"!? Well it's happened and O'Leary seems to unfortunately thrive on negative press reports as much has he does positive! Is this current nonsense really going to make any difference to the bottom line when you can sell seats on your aeroplanes for a tenner each way and still make money? You take your chance otherwise you book to fly with somebody else. And law of averages suggest that it'll all work out 99% of the time when you pay a fraction of what you might pay elsewhere!
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