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My posts keep being deleted so this one may not stay up for long. But, a gentle reminder, chaps. Airlines are not in business to employ pilots. We jump on the band waggon . Top stars were here today, gone tomorrow; Laker (BUA/Laker Airways), Bristow,Goodman etc, etc.They and those of today are all top performing aces in the industry, within their field. Entrepreneurs out to make a lot of money and hugely successful in their pursuits. "We" hitch our wagons to those shooting stars and must accept the fall-out when, in "our" field, it all goes belly up.

As "commercial" pilots, go wherever it suits you & be prepared to jump wherever the grass looks greener. The loyalty cards became extinct, decades ago.

I still serve on Selection Boards in a consultancy role . I still hear CP's asking "How long do you intend staying with us ?". I stifle a giggle into my sleeve.
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