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TC says ..If you committ to an EOL at the top of the slope, you physically switch the engine off. In an Auto - you don't.
Also "So he apparently opts for an EOL (not an auto as some state - an auto would drive the Nr off the clock and damage the blades
Is this correct ? It appears he believes an auto is done with the engine on . I may be wrong ( again !!) but I thought autorotation was just an aerodynamic state regardless of engine state ? So you can have engine on autorotation or engine off autorotation ....just as 212 said .
Lastly I also thought EOL was relevant just to the pull at the bottom being with engine OFF with no reference to the descent part .
If in idle it is actually a simulated EOL .
Please no TC type of replies ....as I genuinely would like to know if I have had a 35 year misconception!!!
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