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I have done thousands of EOL's to the ground with the engine at idle and with the throttle wound hard in against the stop if you don't as you pull full pitch the corrector gets the engine back to about 2000 rpm form 1500 ! I was saying I have had 2 engine failures in my 8000 hours of flying. First time it was while doing a PC with a customer, he wound the throttle off as we went into auto. I wound the throttle in hard against the stop and the engine stopped, height about 700 ft ( Before anyone asks I did this check on the ground and it didn't stop the engine ! ) I was surprised at the rate of descent, normally around 1600 to 1800 rpm depending on where the auto revs are set. We were comfortably over 2000 ft a minute
Although the engine in a normal auto is running there is an element of friction that keeps things turning. I was surprised in a genuine power off landing what a difference there was as I said about 200 to 300 ft a minute .
Hope that answers your questions
I've had the engine stop at the bottom of a practice auto. I can't remember the exact reason why, but it had to do with keeping some RPM on the way down after the needles split. I went to roll on throttle at the level off and there was nothing there. Just continued to the ground.

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