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Seems it has already started Ryanair's Facebook page has gone mad people saying they have had less than a days notice and even some saying 4 hrs notice of delayed flights
Some people saying they have been flown out to Greece on holiday and there flight home on Monday has been cancelled and they have been offered Friday as an alternative people are asking what flights are affected so they know if they are flying or not but Ryanair are saying wait for an email if you don't get one your flight will be going ahead as normal that's a lot of stress and worry if your waiting to fly
Surly this is going to cause more problems long term for Ryanair I would rather have a 2 hour delay than not fly at all or be stranded abroad
So Ryanair is saying it's on time record is more important than fly its customers
This don't make sense to me something is going on behind closed doors that they don't want anyone to know about all I do know is there are a lot of un happy passengers already
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