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Originally Posted by Hughes500 View Post

Will have to disagree here. I have had one engine stop while doing an EOL for a PC in a 300 as it happens ( customers aircraft ). Throttle was rolled back into detent and engine stopped. I can assure you that the ac descended considerably quicker than a normal auto followed by EOL. Having done thousands of EOL's to the ground I speak with total assurance. Quite why, that is is interesting, as you say there is a freewheel disconnect !
I need some clarification here.

An "auto" is what? Engine running at healtly rpms followed by pitch down?
W/o reducing throttle to "high idle" it will be hard to demonstrate power off green arc control by pitching, as slightly raising the pitch (in a 300) will remove the needle split due to the throttle correlator.

An "EOL" is an Engne Off Landing. Off as in 0 rpms? If yes, I think almost nobody has down that deliberately.
Is an EOL what I described as "auto" above? Being aerodynamically in auto rotation with noticeable needle split due to engine idling?

I only know EOLs in 300s with needle split, where nothing is guarding my low rrpm marging, except my FI yelling at me.

I would not expect any difference in mechanical(!) drag (or ROD) between demonstrating an EOL with needle split (possibly with recovery at 20ft) and doing a "true EOL" where the engine actually has stopped turning.
Is that view wrong, if yes, pls elaborate why.

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