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I remember desperately trying to get into Northwich's Regal Cinema as a spotty 16 year old with my best friend to see the original Alien, and I like the movie just as much now as I did then - it is a classic. Not only has it been selected for preservation in the National Film Registry, and while estimates vary, it cost just $10m to make, and made $200m at the box office. One of the largest profit margins in cinema history.

It's worth seeing the director's cut version - you get to hear the original warning signal (aka distress signal) from the alien spaceship, plus a scene where you get to see the full sized alien hanging motionless on chains as Brett walks under it while trying to catch Jonesey, and you also get to see what happened to Brett and Dallas when Ripley discovers them being cocooned on an engineering deck. This last scene also stays true to Alan Dean Foster's original vision when it clearly shows the now dead Brett (Dallas is still alive - barely) slowly being encased in an egg. Foster (from the original book) stated that each captured victim would be implanted with an alien embryo which would progressively consume the host in its "hand" form after which it would lie dormant waiting many years if necesary for a new victim to trigger the egg. The big queen was strictly a cinema requirement for an even nastier alien in the second movie - there was never any egg laying in the original story.

There is also random stuff like the relationship between Dallas and Ripley, the subtle differences between the book and the film, and the subsequent series of books which describes mankind's fight against the aliens as they get loose on Earth and slowly take over the planet.

Yes - you could say I like the Alien canon
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