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Originally Posted by tdracer View Post
This guy seems to know what he's talking about (and was in a position to know)
These accidents were along the lines of someone making unsafe lane changes on the freeway. The merchant vessels are like big rigs, and these destroyers are cutting in front of them like some old lady who's oblivious to traffic.

"The mistakes I see in the latest incidents Ė I have read the actual reports on the Fitzgerald Ė were so simple and basic it takes your breath away."

He sounds like he knows what he's talking about there, but suggesting that "sexual orientation, transgender training, and environmental training" had anything to do with it- that's very bad. There they were, in high traffic environments. What great training opportunities, all that was needed was some leadership. That's what was lacking, he even says so: "Fourth, the ship climate and command structures were obviously out of whack. COs donít get to sleep in in heavy shipping waters, [thatís] just a fact."
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