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Upgrade Times in the pit

A good mate has asked me about my time in the sandpit as he's keen to move onto bigger metal, and earn some cash. Ive given as much info as I can re lifestyle, corporate culture, rosters etc.

I couldn't help with upgrade times though. He's B757/767, so most likely heading for B777 or B787 (very unlikely that he'd apply for Fly Dubai but you never know) at one of the three/four. What are the current best estimates for someone joining now at the four.

My synopsis of the current situation (a little out of touch having left 2 years ago) was:
EK - Hard work, better place to live, probably most professionally run of the three having been around longer and more western management. DXB probably best of the three.
EY - Easier life roster wise, AUH is nice with DXB up the road. Haemorrhaging money, so commands is a real guess.
QR - Good $. 6-7 years for cmd. Doha is ok, but not great. Harsh management. Tough rosters.
FZ - I didn't comment as I know so little about them.

Is this fairly accurate? Any further suggestions please add. I am trying to give as balanced a view as possible.
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