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I don't know why people bang on about the transport links being poor and thats why the airport suffers. Have you actually seen Bristol airport? Leeds Bradford airport? They are at the end of almost drive-way type roads - far worse than the access links to BOH.

The fact that BOH has an hourly bus link for the whole day to the train station is wonderful - what gets me is that this is not being used during the Ryanair booking process to try and match flights and timings to ensure a more profitable bus operation.

If the fares are low enough people will travel or find ways to get to the airport.

I just wish the old NATS centre was a hotel instead of a bloody school to encourage more early morning success for the first wave of departures.

to answer MRSHUBIGBUS I think the airport will get to 1m easily with an additional Ryanair aircraft and more w flying - but as you know Ryanair is holding the UK government accountable for it's lack of expansion in the UK due Brexit: again O'Leary using the moment to get people talking and thinking about Ryanair and only Ryanair.
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