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Dimitry ak Zomby

If you are of the coast of Newfoundland in you missile boomer you have company.
I cant tell you what the standing orders was,but that would be treason.
One thing fore sure, you would never get in a position to fire anything.

Norway, SOSUS and NATO tracked every single missile sub that went west from Kola. I worked at NATO HQ at SACLANT REPEUR in mid 80 and know a thing or two about these matters. I trust that you brother Igor in the Pacific was tracked by the US NAVY and Canada any time he left shore.

Now, with regards to the potential for the Arrow , it was huge.
NATO used the F4 and F104 for ground attack and it ended in tears with the F104 due to the small wing and limited maneuverability at low level.

Looking at all the wars after 1959 that has used Fighter bombers and interceptors for all sorts of work they were not specifically designed for I am sure the Arrow would have been a success.
The Yanks new it and did not let it happen.
It is the most odd program cancellation in military history.

Oh and one thing Zomby, please do not call anyone a fool, OK!
Peace and love
Cpt B
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