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A bit to late to invade my vocabulary I am afraid.
Anyway, Pentagons Canadian Wardesk had the invasion plans for Canada ready the second You went communist.
What we did in Europe was one thing, but a communist Canada, never!

The Bomark was a joke and the Voodoo was not much better. But now Canada depended on US. Perfect. I forget were the DEW.line fits in to the picture at this point. But clearly US needed a loyal, dependent no-communist Canada. McCharty was dead but his spirit was not.

I claim the US was instrumental or catalytic to shutting down the Arrow.
Hard to prove.
But as more secret files are opened and researched done, we shall see!
I find it hard to grasp that a over-performing ,ready for production aircraft was cancelled and literally axed the next day.

The fact that a few months later, Canada and USA signed an agreement that Canada should never embark on big military project alone, is a hint.

How am I doing so fare Z?
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