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Baylover, keep flying if that's what makes you happy, but do it in such a way that it doesn't take a paying job away from someone else (who really needs the paycheck).
Without knowing where you're located, here are some examples from my side of the pond.
The Commemorative Air Force (aka the Confederate Air Force, before that name became politically unacceptable) has a collection of WWII vintage warbirds (and a few others) that it flies around the USA (and perhaps further) for exhibitions and airshows - and most of their pilots are unpaid volunteers. Same thing with the Collins Foundation - I went for a ride on their B-17 roughly ten years ago - the pilots were regular airline pilots who volunteered to fly the old war birds just for the joy of it.
We have a couple nice aircraft museums at Paine Field (where Boeing builds the 747, 767, 777, and majority of 787s) - and several times per year they take up a few of their vintage aircraft to 'show off' - again most of the pilots are unpaid volunteers.
Seems to me that, having been around the block a few times and knowing how those vintage aircraft work and fly, you'd be a natural.

I recently retired from Boeing after nearly 40 years as a Propulsion Engineer. Although I was already getting ready to retire, Boeing made it more attractive - they selected the 100 most senior engineers in Propulsion and made an attractive offer: Accept a voluntary layoff and we'll give you a severance payment of 26 weeks of pay, then retire. The idea was that Boeing engineering has grown rather top heavy over the years, with lots of people who've been around for 30 years or more - they need to cut headcount but if they layoff the young people, there's no one left to take over when us old farts retire. Surprisingly, almost 2/3rds of those eligible did not accept - some had good reasons, but others (some over 70 years old) who were set financially (and not exactly highly productive workers) turned it down. For every old fart who decided to stick around their cushy do nothing desk job, some young kid lost theirs. I shouldn't need to tell you what I think of them

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