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Dave's decision to grant an EU referendum is going to rank alongside Neville Chamberlain's belief that he could trust Hitler in terms of political miscalculations. I for one on June 23 last year had no doubt that the result would be Remain, I guess that he, as well as Nigel Farage shared that view. His sharp exit from British politics showed that he also realised the scale of his error.

I think that we are in a period now where we have moved into uncharted territory as regards politics. I really wouldn't like to guess where things are heading. Sffp for example smugly believes that Labour are in the wilderness for a generation, and that is a distinct possibility. Otoh I can see pro Remain Tory revolts in the offing, so they may well be split. They also have a leader who is now arguably less astute politically than Corbyn is. These truly are interesting times.
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