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Originally Posted by Clare Prop View Post
Hey whoa Jaba, I'm just the messenger here. Yep, and I was addressing the issues....not you

OWTs to bust?
Well, there's the people who turn the PA28 electric fuel pump off at 300 feet after take off "Because you will wear it out",

The one about the MP number should always be lower than your RPM number "Or you will blow up the engine"

The ones who fully open cowl flaps on final no matter what the CHT is "in case you need to go around",

The one who told me "a localiser will only work correctly if the runway number is put on the top"

That you must NEVER use a rotating card on the ADF "in case it gets stuck"....

Putting a variable pitch prop to coarse on a single engine piston to "glide further in the event f an engine failure" Ohh dear!

The signature on part 3 of a maintenance release is always signed by the pilot in command...

And no doubt there are more!
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