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Yeh... the hr rate is
$96 solo.
$49 instructor... so
$145 dual and $96 solo to be paid. Part 61 needs 30hr dual, 10 solo as a min... unless I've misunderstood; which is possible 😊

And thank you... I've re-educated myself with visa needs and you are quite correct. Which in some way changes my possible approach to now lookimg at part 141 training which reduces costs in relation to USA training.

Originally Posted by B2N2 View Post
Flight training towards the issuance of a license or certificate requires a M1 visa.
Unless something changed recently only Part 141 schools can issue the I20 which is the visa application form you need to take to the US Consulate.
I'm doubting your numbers a little bit.
60 hrs at $160/hr is already $9k plus living expenses, tickets, accommodations.

In any case this place offers EASA PPL:
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