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I haven't looked at Spain really other than quickly at fte which want 11k ish. With languagr errors on the website I was out off.

The US school I'm using for costs is flying academy in Florida which comes out at 9.5k with 8weeks accommodation, flights, visa and trg.

Which is go; if I can confirm that the hrs done would then be able to be counted towards the easa ppl 45hrs... then top my skills up back in the UK... which is where the 10hr est comes in. Assuming of.course I can get to grips with UK airspace in 10hrs.

That top up inc exams and fees comes out at about 3k so a total for a FAA part 61 ppl plus a EASA ppl is about 12.5k with 48hrs us and 10hrs UK.

The UK is actually cheaper at about 11k and 59hrs but the trg times are way out.

The end result so far is usa route gives hassle vs UK give long training time and fragmented. All assuming id not nees to do the whole 45hrs easa requirement of course... which I'm actually not sure of.

Although I'm not looking for 'cheap... I am looking to use my money wisely and get value for money within a reasonable training time frame. After all... we all want to have the licence so we can then go off on adventures 😁

I'm open to school or route suggestions.

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Hi MotoRinzler have you not looked at heading towards spain to do your easa ppl? yes the weather is a hit & miss in the uk but it all depends on your availability in relations to lessons , yes you could go to the states but by the time you factor all the costs aswell as visa etc your probably looking around the 13k mark give or take and can have a license within 7/8 weeks, but the question is where is a good easa school in the states? the ones i have read about are crooks to say the least where they milk you for your money or there isnt any up to date reviews of other schools..

Have you decided when to start your ppl?
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