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Alex... i hear you.

I've run the numbers and assumed 20% runover on ability plus 10% again for loss of currency of trg in the UK. Uk comes out at about 11k all up inc exams licence issue etc.

Faa comes out at about 8k but needs extra work back in the UK which I assumed (guess) is about 10hrs plus all exams and skill test etc... conversion adds 3k ish...

So yes. USA faa route is no cheaper but takes 8weeks plus uk conversion time rather than all uk at about 1 year (based on others report's due to wx).

I assume that a faa ppl time of say 45hrs is logable against easa needs and it's training time to change tact airspace that drives the hrs needed to go for the easa skill test?

I see UK intensive courses but I just feel the wx in the UK is against you most of the time.

I suppose I could look at easa ppl from USA at UK costs but achieve USA timings.
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