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I understood it to be visa for the part 141 and not for the part 61. Both needing the flight training authority as a separate thing. Some part 141 schools will require part 61 students to gain a student m1 visa due to the schools registration not the students needs?

I was under the impression (hope) that I could come home to the uk with my FAA ppl and say 40hrs logged: top up the log book to 45 (using min hrs as example only); take our 9 exams, get a class 2 medical, gain an rt lisence, and take the EASA check ride for an EASA ppl?

I'm now reading that the FAA is seen as just another foreign licence and needs 100hrs to convert with 2 exams and a skill test; in which case I could get a Canada ppl even cheaper?

Am I also correct (or confusing myself even more)... that you can fly on a foreign lisence in the uk for 12months which you are converting.... but don't know the restrictions.

All threads are a few years old now so looking for fresh people who know or have done an FAA ppl then come back to the uk to convert to EASA ppl.
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