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FAA ppl to EASA conversion

Guys, sorry if this is a stupid question; but I've completely confused myself about how and what's needed to convert an FAA ppl to an EASA ppl via U.K. CAA.

I'm thinking of going to Florida and doing a ppl, then return and convert to a full EASA ppl. Some resources state I'd need to do the whole 45hrs and 9 exams. Medical and rt. other sources say 'training as needed' and all 9 exams plus rt and medical.

What's people's understanding? I see on the uk CAA website that an ico (which I understand the FAA is) with less than 100hrs needs the full 45hrs.... basically you start again from zero.

If it is just training as required.... what's the typical. I'd be doing part 61 so I'd have 40 hrs loged already... if it counts for anything that is.....

Confused dot com. The more I search the deeper I go into confusion.

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