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Originally Posted by EssexMan61 View Post
Wow - some deeply unpleasant left-wing anti-free speech posts on the previous page. Shocking. And - darren1 - the "Daily Fail" - how unoriginal and stupid. Perhaps you should review how many copies the Daily Mail sells compared to your favoured publication. Please tell us what that is? Or preferably - perhaps those- like you -and others on the previous page - who make extremist left-wing anti free-speech comments should be banned by the mods? LTNman is stating a perfectly valid opinion - GET OVER IT!!!
I glance through the i. LTNman is entitled to say what he wants just as everyone else, why should people who do not follow a jingoistic, xenophobic ideal be banned. You had a raw nerve touched? The readership of the daily malicious speaks volumes....
Anyway back onto Wizz, good business orientation showed they would make money flying where profitable. They could quite easily ditch Luton and operate elsewhere in Europe.
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