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One thing that has to be born in mind with the Zurich service is that its primary purpose is to bring Swiss tourists to South-West Ireland and as such, it doesn't really matter whether it goes to Cork, Shannon or Kerry. While it's true that Cork provides a few more Irish pax than Shannon and probably quite a few more than Kerry, that advantage could get undone as route incentives start to unwind. Building up a base of Cork users is crucial to its long-term success.
There was a lot of Irish onboard my recent SWISS flight to Cork and many pax were connecting through Zurich to Cork.
I was flying from Southern France (It was a lot cheaper to fly via Zurich than London or Amsterdam) and there were Italians sitting on my row.
It`s great they are putting an A320 on the route now to cope with demand but it would be better still if they increased the frequency on the summer schedule using the CS100 and indeed extending the service all year long.
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