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As fior the great chicken debate it is no use saying experts say it is safe as experts don't count on anything Brexitish -as a country we have had enough of them, up there along with 350M a week for the NHS and Farages racist advert.

My local coop has a Muslim girl on check out-very modestly dressed -no face covering but everything else. As she is still there in spite of having a whole line of construction site workers come in and refer to her as darling, love, princess etc etc, for she has very pretty eyes and a nice smile I assume she doesnt mind and she certainly sells a lot of alcohol to the east european contingent on the site as they stock up for a relaxing evening.

The problem here as it always is , is extremism

Who really causes the problems in israel

Who is behind the Ultra right in USA

who were the problem during the 'troubles'

Its not the religion itself it is extremism.

Working in a supermarket but cannot sell alcohol-thats just plain daft and certainly a case for well sorry but you have to leave .
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