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are you really that pathetically desperate
The ball sir, the ball!

Is there any characteristic about you other than the bottle in your hand that would cause the employee to not to want to serve you? No there isn't, so there is no discrimination.
the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people........
If the bottle in your hand causes you to be treated differently, ie have to move to a different queue, then you are being discriminated against.
Two people standing in front of the cashier. One has a bottle of alcohol in his hand (category one), the other a carton of milk (category two). The cashier refuses to serve the customer wanting to purchase the alcohol, but gladly serves the customer with the milk, not because of any store policy or law, but because he wishes to based on his own personal belief. I don't care whether it is religious based or sheer bloody mindedness. It's wrong.
The cake shop case says he cannot refuse to serve based on a belief. Just because there is another checkout adjacent that will serve the customer is irrelevant. There may well have been another cake shop next door that would have fulfilled the order. It didn't matter.

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