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I agree that the notice is poorly worded, and suspect that the intention was to state that the till in question could not sell alcoholic beverages, something that is quite lawful, if the rationale is there (till staff under 18, for example).

However, the way it is worded implies that no alcohol can be sold at that till, and taking that to a logical inclusion includes a lot of non-beverage products that contain alcohol, often in concentrations that are higher than in some alcoholic beverages.

We don't know the true reason for the person on that till not being able, or willing, to handle containers of alcohol, either, only what has been reported, and some of that may well be speculation. What we do know is that there is not a religious prohibition on handling sealed containers of alcohol, by any of the several religions, or sects of religions, that prohibit the ingestion of alcohol.

The point here is really questioning the right of an individual to influence the sales policy of a major store, based on a misinterpretation of a religious prohibition (if this is what this actually is about).
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