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Originally Posted by le Pingouin View Post
Trossie, I don't work in a shop. Personally I'd rather not provide you with a service either but I don't get to make that choice.

VP959, how about reading the sign in colloquial English before disappearing down the rabbit hole of bloody minded literalism that's almost certainly incorrect. You really are so desperate to make a mountain out of this molehill.

We have no idea what was said between employee and manager - for instance "I'd rather not handle alcohol" rather than a flat refusal. You're making an awfully large assumption it was anything else and building your mountain on assumptions.
The sign has no indication whatsoever that it is "colloquial English". It is very clearly and unambiguously worded. Had the manager wished to only limit the sale of alcoholic beverages, then that is what should have been on the sign.

The implication of that sign is very clear and unambiguous. The till operator has expressed a wish not to handle any container that holds alcohol. All I've done is point out the blindingly obvious. If someone does not wish to handle a bottle or can that contains what is, to them, an abhorrent substance, then they cannot handle bottles of shampoo or aerosol cans of deodorant that hold the same abhorrent substance.

What's the difference between handling a sealed can of aerosol deodorant, or bottle of after shave, that contains a percentage of ethanol, to handling a sealed can of beer or bottle of wine that also contains a similar, or smaller, percentage of ethanol?

If someone has an extreme religious objection to ethanol, then it matters not one jot what the stuff is mixed with.
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