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Originally Posted by le Pingouin View Post
Yup, you're way past desperate VP959. Drinking shampoo? Really?!? Toughen up princess is all I can say if you think that's discrimination.

Trossie, plenty of employers employ people who have special requirements or needs. It's up to the employer if they accommodate a "I'd rather not".
The prohibition has nothing at all to do with drinking, go read the sign posted at the start of this thread. To save you the trouble, here is the text of that sign on display at the checkout:


Note that the sign makes no reference to drinks, products containing alcohol that are for external use, etc, it is a blanket ban on alcohol, with no caveats.

The wording is not ambiguous; a spray can of deodorant could not be sold at that till, according to the wording of the sign, along with dozens of other products.

However, that is not the point. The point here is that is someone has an extreme religious belief that forces them to not handle even a sealed container that has alcohol in some percentage within it, then that severely restricts them from handling a wide range of everyday products. The end use of that product is not for the person selling it to make a judgement on - I well remember someone who used to use vodka as a skin cleansing agent, for example, and I don't think she ever drank the stuff, as far as I can recall.

There is no prohibition in the Qur'an on handling alcohol at all, and there never has been. The stricture is on intoxication, not handling materials that could, if ingested, cause intoxication. There are additional strictures on handling food stuff that is considered to be unclean, but that is shared with other Abrahamic religions, too.

Finally, what about Methodists or the Salvation Army? They have a creed that forbids intoxication with alcohol - do they refuse to sell it when working at supermarket tills?
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