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Well, we're getting away from Easy Jet, but it won't take a moment.

Dyslexia in real terms is word blindness. I'm not like that. I can, and could always, read reasonably well. What I can't do is see the word in my mind's eye when I go to spell it.

I could, and still can, remember machine parts from my career, and even my childhood. I can almost feel some of them in my hands during moments of nostalgia. Machines were obvious to me from my youngest years.

The odd thing is, even now I'll have a stab at a word and if it's not right look at spell check. I will know immediately which of the words is correct.

When I started writing The Perfect Code - some million words finally honed into a quarter-million word novel - the pages were covered in squiggly red lines. Later, and by then I'd stopped eating cheese, there were only two or three squiggles per page. Most involved double . . . or not-double where logic dictates a double letter should be, kind of words

The 1950's and 60's British ALTP (ATPL) was the hardest flying written in the world. It was the standard copied (just put coppied ) by many countries as the basis for their exams. Fortunately for me, many contenders were furrin' and their spelling probably worse than mine. It took the heat off. In the meantime however, I had learned to hear the spelling in my mind's ear and the exams were very near to intensive swatting, so really I was not too bad.

Now, crashing as the result of poor/abysmal spelling. I suppose there's just that chance, but I'm not sure about the one you mentioned. The #2 and 3 seemed a bit questionable. Perhaps you'd give a link to the exact accident so we're on the same page.

The majority of people I flew with as a training F/O were fine. I did this for 18 months and enjoyed it at first. Most had never flown jet transport before so there was a lot of friendly interaction and enjoyable flights. However, I was eventually lumbered with someone that was an alcoholic and 'probably psychotic'. (his old boss' words many, many years later) It was horrendous. VP's post rang a few nasty bells.

Back then, a senior training captain and I thought, friend, said, "Robbie, I let the fact he was an ex ** captain influence me when I passed him." I was a captain without a command. It was horrendous. Don't want to go there right now or it'll spoil the day, but it's that kind of person slipping through the net that is the real danger.

I watched as an entire class cheated on their 1179 paper. The teacher, a much admired skipper, walked out saying, "Play the game, chaps." And that's just what they did. Played it for all it was worth and went on to set some of the lowest standards I've ever seen. Time to stop.
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