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NoTemptins: I think you have kind of answered your own question in how to best solve this. Plan DCT.

On the TAAATS screen your route will simply show a perfectly straight line from DEP PT to DEST. Therefore no 'track shortening' need be applied by the controller.

Obviously a problem where ERSA/AIP FPL requirements are published.

Not dissimilar to the amended route clearance I suppose.

As said elsewhere, there is quite a lot of semantics in all this. The underlying theme is supposed to be risk reduction, and tracking direct has been identified as increasing risk - whilst it may only be minimal, in what is essentially a very safe system it is a risk multiplier nonetheless.

But of course the real deciders will be the 'stakeholders' who pay the most for the service - so if QF and VB make noises in the tut-tut fashion I guess it will be watered down (which brings us to NAS ..... sigh.....who 'WILL' be the first to blink!?....Minister?)
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