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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
Can you imagine the furore if a shopkeeper refused to sell booze to someone he knew to be a muslim?
When I lived in the UK I would visit Costco once a month and the checkouts were clogged with Asian shop owners trailing pallets of booze.
Most Asian shopkeepers aren't Muslim, but Sikh, certainly around these parts. Sikhs don't appear to have a problem with alcohol, there are many Sikh pub landlords around the UK.

Come to think of it, most "Indian" restaurants in UK are actually Bengali, and Bengalis are mostly Muslim, and I haven't noticed too many "dry" restaurants.

Aldi really should have made checking out their entire product range as part of the job spec., and the check out operative informed that if they weren't willing to check out alcohol, port, or anything else they would be sacked. Perhaps other Aldi staff might be reluctant to check out meat, as they're veggies, or vegans. Would Aldi make they same exceptions for them? Having made the exception for a Muslim they'd be on thin ice I think if they didn't.
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