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On costs, while the training system might welcome a 120k cash injection from the bank of mum and dad, the reality is you do not get to start unless you have the aptitude. While the military pay your costs they also own you body and soul.

In the civilian market, once accepted the job of the school it to train you as a pilot rather than wash you out. In the military it is to train you as an officer and if you wash out can re-branch you to a different job.

Now my nephew is, I think, behind repaid some of his training costs by EZY. My son in law has been promised 100% of his costs once he qualifies and drip fed over 3 years.

Both models pay for your training but transfer the risk to the student. In the past, when BA had its own training school they took the risk. Apparently, if you then chose to join a different airline there were golden handcuffs they you needed to pay to be released from your contract. Lufthansa I believe found it cheaper to pay the handshakes and get trained pilots as no risk.
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