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i was a bit (very) aghast that the (very) young lad who did not know of Biscay (he was PF FAO-LGW)

nor actually knew where he was - he could have said to Skip we are west of /abeam la Rochelle - coming up to Nantes or we just passed Santander - something like that - all places that in a poo poo you might want to know to drop into in a hurry>?

admittedly i like my Geography too - flying say from Athens to London I can look out out the window and know full well that after a while i will be over Corfu and a bit later Dubrovnik - its something you just have in your bones
this lad said he didn't do geography!

I gather he is a dual dutch national but Biskaje is rather similar sounding to Biscay (its a big bloody well known patch of water)

the training skipper did say he was very pleased with him on the day
mentoring and his abilities hopefully will see him turn out to be a credit to the company
the young chap said it was his dream - if he reads this then nurture every moment

i have a good pal who is 30 (born 1987)
(I am 60) and I said to him last week would you like to go and see the new film Dunkirk - he said to me whats Dunkirk?
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