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I have not done base training in a real aeroplane for 30 years because with zero flight time simulators we no longer have that requirement. When I last did it in a real aeroplane (Boeing 747) the instructor would pull an outboard engine back to idle on takeoff at V1 and we would fly a circuit with an engine out, touch down and then takeoff on all engines. It was good experience and the flight engineer had to work very hard. The EasyJet cadets seemed to miss out on simulated engine failures on their 1179 type rating.

As regards the TV programme. I expect all the crews all went into it determined to appear professional and after many hours with the TV crew they let their guard down briefly and that was the bit that was used. Anyone remember the 1990 TV documentary Jet Jockeys? Poor T** D****n was really stitched up.
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